Choosing a professional service for writing essays and term papers

It seems like there are a lot of online essay writing services and term papers on the market. With so many choices, finding a good writer seems like an easy task. You will be surprised if you find out that this is not the case. Most often, students find sites with expensive services, or, conversely, too cheap, but the work there is of poor quality. And sometimes you can find essays that are already in the databases, and therefore are plagiarized.

If you want to find an inexpensive service for writing high-quality and unique abstracts and term papers, please visit our website. 

What guarantees do we provide

Real professional essay writing companies always guarantee complete data confidentiality. This means that your teacher will never know that the essay wasn’t written by you. In addition, all your personal data is kept confidential, because the company employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

The second guarantee that we give you is a 100% refund if you don't like the work.

The third guarantee is compensation for part of the cost of the essay if the author misses the deadline. The amount of compensation in this case depends on how much the work cost and how late the author was.

And finally, the fourth guarantee is 100% uniqueness. If you want, we will provide you with an official report on the absence of plagiarism in the work. We check the uniqueness of the article through online services that search for matches of phrases or individual words all over the Internet. Deep validation detects even minor matches. Accordingly, you will receive completely original content that will not be marked in red by your teacher.

In addition, you can feel secure when you offer your money to our service.

And here's one last tip: always check the guarantees that the essay site gives. If he doesn't give any guarantees, this is at least suspicious. 

Pay attention to free services

Not all services on the essay writing site are paid. If you find several additional free bonuses, it means that the company is completely confident in the quality of its services. Some sites provide a free title page and bibliography. Even if the list of references contains only 4-7 sources, their design can turn into a real problem for you. After all, there are four formatting styles:
• Chicago.
• APA.
• Harvard.
• MLA.

So if a company offers you a free bibliography, don't give up on that opportunity.

Another sign of a reliable and good company is free edits. For example, you ordered the writing of an essay, the author completed the work and sent it to you. You scanned the text and found errors, as well as inaccuracies and formatting. You may also notice that the author didn’t follow all of your instructions. In this case, the writer is obliged to immediately make corrections completely free of charge. 

Deserved paper writing support

Since you are a client, it means that you are always right. And since you pay money, you should feel cared for. Customer support should answer your questions by email or live chat at any time of the day and on any day, even on weekends and holidays.

In the best essay writing services, customer service can contact you in any convenient way:
• By email.
• By phone.
• In chat.
• In a personal message on your account on the company's website.

Be sure to read the company policy to understand what customer support can and can't do. 

Additional discounts and options

Agree, it's very nice when the company offers you discounts. For example, if you order more than $ 500, you will automatically receive a 5% discount, and if the order amount is more than $ 1000, you will receive 10%. Almost all good services provide such discounts.

Another good option is the ability to see a snippet of your author's previous work for free. So you can appreciate his level of professionalism. It will also be good if the company offers to complete 1 page of your order for free so that you can evaluate the quality of service. One page is a whole 275 words, which is quite a lot. Agree, a great free option!

So, now you know by what criteria you can define a good essay writing company. We wish you good luck!

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